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February 13, 2016

Boost Your Relationship 100 Points With Black Roses

Black Roses May Boost Your Relationship

Have you ever thought of Black roses for Valentines Day?  They are unique, and mixed in with other roses they may light up your lover’s heart and his or her desk or work area at their place of employment.  While everyone else is getting the ordinary color roses, your special person will stand out with something more different and unique.  The roses are tinted black and they make a beautiful center piece or showcase.

The thing about being in a relationship is that it is important to give that person as much attention as you possibly can.  Trust me, people enjoy compliments from others.  It makes them feel important and it does something to the self esteem.  It’s human nature.  We all enjoy compliments regardless of hoe shy we are, we all love it.

Making a person feel good in a relationship is so important and flattering.  When you show them that they are loved it boosts their confidence and feelings for you by 1000%.  People look at them in a different way.  It gives them a sense of belonging.  A person can be very quiet and not share a single thing about their love life, but when someone shows love with special gifts especially around other people for example in the work place, that person blushes within their heart.  When roses are delivered to the workplace, it gives them an excuse to feel special without any effort of their own.

People will flock to your loved one’s work area because they have never seen anything like them before.  Your special person will get not only attention from you but from others as well.  Next year you will hear that other people received Black Roses.  See what you have started?  Get your loved one some Black Roses for Valentines Day.  They will surely make them happy.

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May 24, 2012

Where To Get Roses In a Rainbow of Colors

Adding Appeal To A Centerpiece…Where To Get Roses in Different Colors 

Where to get roses in a rainbow of colors,  Rainbow roses, Rainbow Rose

Where to get roses in a rainbow of colors, Rainbow roses, Rainbow Rose—KJGarbutt (

Have you ever wondered where to get roses of all colors a red, black yellow, blue, purple, green, rainbow, or any color for  that matter.   An array of roses with different colors adds excitement to a vase filled with flowers. Imagine entering a room with and you spot a  table with a vase filled with a variety of roses in different colors.  Colors that look like the rainbow.  What a nice picture to take for the purposes of showcasing.

It would also be a nice sight to see with a array of colors in your home.  People that visit your home will be mesmerized  at your display of the array of rose colors. There would be nothing but sighs of astonishment from the beauty and the essence of how they would look on your table.

A vase with filled with different colors of roses expresses many feelings and it helps to set the tone for the room and the mood of a person.  The multitude of colors brings a certain level of energy into a room.   Imagine delivering a dozen of roses with different colors to a friend for their birthday or a special occasion.  Red roses are nice but many colors are even better.   Where to get roses cheap and in different colors?  There are some online florist that specialize in them but you have to search for them.

When you are looking for a florist that have an array of roses it is good to look for companies that specialize in an array of colors.  It is important to know that roses do not come in all colors naturally; but you can look for places that will tint them the color that you desire.  For example black roses are not real in the natural state; however if you want to add black roses to your vase you can either dye them yourself or order them from a florist that specializes in tinting red roses black for you.

You can also send black roses or other colors to a friend or family member.  If you have a friend of family turning 40; black roses would be different with a couple of red roses.  This mixture symbolizes that with age; life gets better and more interesting.  Put a card in the bouquet of roses so that the person on the receiving end can appreciate the colors particularly black.

You are wondering where to get roses cheap and in a facet of colors;

Click Here To Get Rainbow Roses

...and To get a variety of different roses that come in an array of colors Click Here.


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May 19, 2012

Where Can I Get Flowers? Tips To Help You Find Them

To Answer Your Question…”Where Can I Get Flowers?”

Red roses

Flowers (

If you are asking the question “where can I get flowers” then keep reading.  It does not stop at where you can get flowers but where to get good quality flowers.  Here are some tips to guide you in finding the flowers you want.

Searching the internet today is a good way to locate a good quality florist.  By going online you can get good information about the floral merchant.  You may be seeking flowers  for a wedding , a prom, birthday, Mother’s Day, and the list goes on and on.

When looking for an online florist make sure that you find out when the flowers will be delivered.  Delivery is important because you want to make sure that you get them on the day that they are needed.  You also want to make sure that the person you are having them sent to receives them on the exact date that you want them to have the flowers.

When you arrive at a website online that sells flowers make sure that there is a variety of flowers to select from.  If you are looking for wedding flowers make certain that the company specializes in weddings.

In today’s economy; getting flowers at a wholesale price is a plus.  There are sites online that carry good quality flowers at wholesale prices; so make sure when you run across one of these sites take advantage of it; especially if you are buying in bulk.  Buying flowers wholesale in bulk could save you hundreds of dollars regardless of the event you are having.

If the website has a customer service  that chats; that is also a plus.  Being able to chat with customer service online gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the flowers such as how they will look, how to care for them, and what to expect when they arrive to your door or the person you are having them delivered to.  Make sure that the website is a secure ordering site so that your credit  or debit card information is protected.

If the website has a mailing list to join; get on it so that you can take advantage of the discounts that are offered throughout the year.  It is always good to save money with coupons and discount codes.

Going back to the question “where can I get flowers“ that are of good quality…

Click Here We at highly recommend this florist.

By clicking here you will find a variety of roses, flowers, and different colors such as blue, black, purple, red, black magic roses; and the list goes on.  Finding a site that gives you what you are asking for is key and will save you an enormous amount of time and money if searched right.

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May 18, 2012

Black Roses Delivery Florist.. Where Are They?

Black Roses Delivery…Is There a Florist Online? 

Black Roses Delivery, Buy Black Roses

Black Roses Delivery, Buy Black Roses (

There are a few questions that you may be asking about black roses.

1.  Where can I buy black roses.

2.   Are there black roses for sale anywhere online.

3.  Is there a black roses delivery florist available.

Throughout this entire website we have addressed the question many times regarding the existence of real black roses.  As studies have shown they do not exist from natural means; however they can be created if different colors are put together.  If you are looking for them they can only be purchased in the tinted state of black.  Once tinted they can give an appearance of something different and satisfying to the eye.  So to answer the first question; yes you can buy black roses but only in the tinted state.

If you perform a search online for black roses on sale or black roses delivery you will not find many florists that specialize  in tinting them.  Many sites that sell flowers stay away from tinting roses because of the time that it takes to accomplish the task.  Black roses may be used for several occasions such as a black tie affair.  They can even be used as decorations for an over the hill birthday party or Halloween.  Because they are difficult to find; people may resort to getting them in silk material.

Because there are very few companies that sell black tinted roses online it is also difficult to find a black roses delivery florist.  Checking with the local flower shop in your area to see if they carry or deliver them is an option.  Making them yourself can be done; but that could take a long time and they may not come out the way that you may like them.   Here at we have a black roses delivery florist that will get the roses to you in a timely manner.

Click Here to buy black roses tinted. They are the closet that you’ll ever get in your time of need and they come highly recommended.

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May 17, 2012

Can Black Roses Come to Real Life?

The Truth About Black Roses 

Black roses, Black Rose

Black roses, Black Rose—jeffk (

For many years many people have tried to find out where to buy black roses and where to get them.  According to Steve Defretus also known as Mr. Green Thumb; perfect black roses do not exist but  you can experiment and go in the direction of creating a black rose.

Remember in your 6th grade science class you learned that the anthers of a flower are the male part.  If the pollen from the anthers are taken from a dark colored purple rose or flowers from a variety of colors that make up a dark color; then a person can very well be on their way to bringing that black rose to life.  By rubbing the pollen with the rose you are can accomplish and yield  black roses.

Let’s face it; everyone wants something that they cannot have and real black roses falls into that want but can’t have category.  With a little knowledge from your 6th grade science class,  a variety of dark color flowers, pollen, anthers, a little patience and perseverance,  a black rose can be brought to life.

Mr. Green Thumb says that if you keep rubbing the pollen from a dark colored flower into a rose; eventually the rose will turn black.  As the roses mutate; generations of the black roses will form and they will come to real life.

It may take awhile but staying focused and patient will pay off.  So if you are looking to make your own black roses you will have to pretty much have to breed and mate other colors of roses to get as close to the black roses you desire.  If you are not interested in breeding different roses to make a black rose; perhaps you can consider a black roses delivery to your home.



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May 5, 2012

A Mother’s Day Poem

A Mother’s Day Poem For Mama

mother\'s day rose

mother's day rose—emerson12 (

Mother’s Day Poems along with a bouquet of roses is a great way to say Happy Mother’s Day to mom.  This is a special tribute and a mother’s day poem that I wrote for my mother and wanted to share.   I thank my mama every chance that I get but for some reason Mother’s Day is a special time that I can really tell my mama how much she is loved and means to me.

“I’m writing a Mother’s Day Poem for mom to say Thank You for all you have done.  When I was a child your face was the first that I saw.  Your hand; the first I grabbed.  When I was sad and needed cheering up you were there for me and you celebrated my accomplishments big and small.  When I fell to the ground you were there to pick me up;  you lifted me higher than you could ever imagine.  Your hands were always gentle and nurturing.  Your warm motherly embrace that held me close to your bosom and told me not to worry about anything; helped me to feel safe and secure.

You were there mom encouraging me telling me that I could do anything that I put my mind to.  You were there making sure that I got on the school bus; making sure that I had breakfast in my belly, a lunch box full of food, and warm dinner prepared when I got home.  Even to this day you have my back; and I feel the warmth of your presence still behind me.  When I come to you for advice you are there to listen to me.

Your words of wisdom always linger in my mind and thoughts so that I can make sound decisions.  You have made me a strong person, a wise and witty responsible individual; a contributor to society.  As a child your warm gentle voice soothed me at night when I could not sleep.  When I was sick mom you were there taking care of me and making sure that I was comfortable.

You are amazing mom; I can’t believe when I came to you as an adult when I started a new job and my childhood medical history was needed;  you still  had my medical card with a record of all the vaccination shots I received as a baby:)

Mother, You are given the one day that I can truly celebrate you and  say Thank you..Thank you Mama for all that you have done for me.  I Love You Mother and on this special day; I salute you and say Happy Mother’s Day.  May God Bless You and Keep You in the palm of His Hand.”

Love Your Daughter


Always remember Mother’s Day and present your mom with a special bouquet of Roses. Let your mom smell the roses while she can.  Show and tell her how much she is loved.

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May 4, 2012

Creating A Rose Bridal Bouquet for Your Wedding

A Rose Bridal Bouquet Easier Than You Think

Black rose bridal bouquet, Bridal Bouquet

Black rose bridal bouquet, Bridal Bouquet—Brides Takes Pictures (

Your wedding day is special and creating the right rose bridal bouquet can be fun and exiting.  Most people may find it intimidating and difficult; but if you follow simple tricks and tips from expert wedding planners  it can turn out to be quite simple. Having the right tools can help you accomplish the task.   Leanne Kesler Director of the Floral World Institute says it’s amazing to create a rose bridal bouquet and says anyone can perform the task by  just following a few simple steps.

Tips, Techniques & Tools

Start out by getting a straight handle bouquet holder and a  stand to support the holder with.  Next you will need one dozen of roses of your choice.  Black magic roses are beautiful; they have an intense color that will capture  breath taking attention.  Think about adding other colors to the dozen of roses to create an interesting mixture of colors.  A couple of blue roses and black roses would make an interesting appeal.  Make sure that the roses are fully hydrated and opened up before beginning the design.

Cut the roses about 2 inches short to fit into the holder.  Working in a triangular format will yield positive results of the look that you are trying to create.  Rinse and repeat this action with the remaining roses continuing with the triangular pattern.  Working from the bottom of the holder and then upward helps to give the rose bridal bouquet a fuller and organized appearance.  Usually 9 to 12 roses will fill the holder.  There may be holes in the back that will require filling.  Filling the open holes with foliage will work and give the bouquet a finished look.

Wedding experts agree that a rose bridal bouquet is one of the highlights of the bride’s wedding attire.  It creates an attention grabbing essence that will ooooo and ahhhh the guests in amazement.   It can also be created and used for the bride to toss away to the single women at the wedding reception.

If you are looking for a quicker and easy way to create a  rose bridal bouquet and you are not interested in making one yourself;  consider having an expert do it for you. Creating a rose bridal bouquet has gotten much easier and here at buy black we have the answers you have been looking for.

Click here to have your custom made bridal bouquet done the way that you want for your special day.








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April 29, 2012

Derrick Rose Injury Update, Torn ACL Not The End of the World


Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose—Keith Allison (

Derrick Rose Injury Resulted in a Torn ACL… How Fans Can Support Rose and His Teammates

Everyone in Chicago, Illinois nightmare came when Derrick Rose got hurt during the playoff game between Philadelphia during April 28, 2012 playoff game.  It has been confirmed that Derrick Rose has a torn ACL.  Yes the Chicago team and its fans has lost the MVP for the remainder of the playoff season.  He missed 27 games during the regular season. There were 84 seconds left in the playoff game when Rose went down after trying to make a shot grabbing his knee.

His teammates and the fans should know that It is not the end of the world.  Chicago can still win this thing if they stay positive and focused.   How can the team win the game?  Chicago fans should focus on showing support for Derrick Rose and the rest of the team with signs and symbols.  It is a proven fact that signs and symbols can inspire the mind subconsciously.  Derrick Roses’ injury was going to happen if not now maybe later.

According to the coach; Derrick Rose needed the work out and the minutes as a result of missing the 27 games during the regular season.  The injury that Derrick Rose has incurred takes a long time to heal but the Bulls have come too far to throw the towel in.

To Derrick Rose Fans

Support Derrick Rose and his teammates. Do not give up hope.  Chicago fans can show support for Derrick Rose with signs and symbols.  It has been said by many athletes in the past that the “Fans Matter”.  Fans can make the game or break it.  Have you ever noticed that during the basketball games you see the players waving their arms up in the air at the fans.  What they are telling the fans is… “make more noise to show your support.” The more noise the fans make the more the team is inspired to win the game.  It gives them that boost of confidence needed to win the game.

It is a fact that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between real of fake.  So why is this on a black rose website you ask?  The answer to that question is INSPIRATION.   You Inspire the team when you show your support for them and the loss of their teammate for the remaining playoff season.  How do you do this?

Come to the game with black roses.  This symbol shows that you recognize the teams loss and you are telling them to stay focused on the prize and win it for their teammate.

The team seeing this will inspire them 100% to win this thing for their teammate.  Don’t ask me how this will work; but it works like magic.  Try it with these symbols and they can subconsciously inspire the rest of the team players.  Believe it or not support from the fans can make or break a team.   If there are signs and symbols shown; for the injured player; then it makes the rest of the team play harder to get the win for their injured teammate.

At all of the basketball games that the them plays; fans should show support by waving black roses from their seats.  The color black  is one of the team’s colors; and because D. Rose is out for the remaining season the waving of the Black Roses symbolizes support for the win subconsciously saying “win it for Derrick Rose.”

So Chicago fans don’t be saddened or disappointed of the loss of D. Rose for the remaining playoff season; cheer the team on by sporting long stem black roses at all of the playoff games and see how this boost the confidence of the entire team.

Need Black Roses?  Click Here to get them. Buy a bouquet of black roses and share them with your friends and family who attends the basketball games with you while Chicago is in the playoffs.

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January 1, 2010

Black Roses – The New WOW!

It’s Now; It’s the New WOW! Black Roses!!  They have taken on a whole new meaning. Black roses have carried a long time reputation of having different negative meanings and connotations. To name a few; the kiss of death, fiction, mysterious, and gothic. There is a whole new evolution beginning to form and they are taking on a whole new meaning. There is an old saying that says: “the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.” In this case black roses are not exempt. They have been taken to the next level. They are getting away from the old tradition that terrifies you, to now taking on a new appeal that tickles the mind. So fasten your seat belt; you are about to go on a roller coaster ride never to be forgotten.

They can be used to convey the following:

1. Fabulous at 40 – Forget the old “over the hill” connotations. Fabulous at 40 have taken on a new excitement for women and men. The more mature the wine gets the better it tastes. The roses help accentuate the celebration of maturity.

2. Catch the excitement – Include them in a vase with an assortment of other colorful roses and watch what happens. They become a dazzling display resulting in riveting conversation.

3. Fun and Cheerful – They can add laughter and cheer to a person’s day especially during Halloween where there is nothing but fun and laughter on that day.

4. Sexy – Wearing black can mean seductress, enchantress or appearing like a goddess or a hottie. No more needs to be said here; I think you get the point.

5. Bold new look –For just about any occasion a touch of them here and there can add boldness and sleekness to a center piece making the occasion in a class by itself.

So as you can now see; Black Roses Rules and they are the new Wow! The next time you send your friends or loved ones a bouquet of them make sure that you write on the card; “The Beauty of Maturity Lives On.”

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December 21, 2009

Is it Nice To Fool Mother Nature?

For those of you who have been around for a while you may remember the commercial where Mother Nature stands on the mountain stretches out her arms and says; “It’s not nice to Fool Mother Nature.”  So that brings us to the subject of Black Roses. If Mother Nature never produced a natural black rose; the question becomes if black roses do not exist, how are they advertised and sold in some places?  Well like many of us, we like to make some changes to our appearances by putting on make-up or dying our hair a different color; and I have to say that I have been guilty of that many times.       Just like our appearances we desire a different look sometimes. 

We want a little bit of this and a little bit of that and there is nothing wrong with that; change can sometimes be a good thing.  Roses are not exempt.  In order to get black roses; they have to be changed from their natural color appearance of either dark red, red, or white and so naturally dark red, red, or white roses requires tinting or dying with a black dye.  Once they are fully dried they can make an everlasting mysterious and unique impression in a centerpiece or integrated into decorations.  The looks, ooo’s and ahh’s for sure will begin.  So are we fooling Mother Nature?  Of course not.  Mother Nature knows that we all want something that we can’t have that she did not produce, and so she is okay with us using our imaginations, gifts and talents that were given to us by her Boss; to make minor changes to nature to enhance a natural look or appearance.  So there you have it.  Go ahead; indulge and enjoy your black roses that have been tinted.    Show them off, flaunt them guilt free.

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October 23, 2009

Images Of Black Roses and Other Products


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October 20, 2009

Real Black Roses

Where I Can Find Real Black Roses? 

Black roses, Black Rose

Real Black Roses, Black roses, Black Rose—Xjs-Khaos (

This question has come up many times.  Where can I find real black roses? Here is a case scenario. Ann asks where can I find real black roses?  I have a photo shoot coming up and I want to be surrounded by real black roses during my photo shoot.

I would also like to have some fresh black roses as a centerpiece on my table in my home.   After my photo shoot I am planning to have guests over to my house and I want to show off the real black roses centerpiece as a symbol of my photo success.

Case scenario number two. Tiffany is planning her wedding.  She is going to get married in 6 months. She says: “I want real black roses for my wedding.  I would like to have them mixed in with my bridal bouquet.  Where can I find real black roses for my special day?”

Both Ann and Tiffany are in the same boat and they are asking the same questions. Where can I find real black roses?  Here is the answer for both Ann and Tiffany.  Real black roses are not made naturally from mother nature.  She has not given us the opportunity to see them grow like that.  In order to get black roses you will have to get a white rose and dye it yourself.  You can also use  a red rose but know that with the red one you may still be able to see some of its color even after dying it black.

You can also spray paint a red or white rose black and that will also give you the look that you want.  Yes real black roses would look unique and different in your bridal bouquet, for your photo shoot, and as the table’s centerpiece to show off to your guests, but you will have to make them yourself.

Another option is to visit your local florist and ask if they will tint the roses for you.  There are not many florists that will dye them and you will have to call or search around to see if they will do that for you.

If you are having problems with making your own real black roses or you are not able to find a florist that will dye them black for you; we at have taken the stress out of your life.

Click Here to Order Black Roses that are tinted for you.


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October 12, 2009

Black Baccara Roses

Where I can buy Black Baccara roses cut in line to spend the night and the next day?

Brides coming, and this seems to be quite rare. The search has not helped.

I found two sources, one in the United Kingdom and one in the U.S.. The U.S. source is greater, at least you can purchase is 75 stems, but are less expensive than a dozen of the source in the UK. If you are in the U.S. and want them in a vase … call a local florist share offer in exchange for arranging for you. Both ships at night. Good luck!

Rose Black Baccara

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September 30, 2009

Single Roses

Safeway sells single roses?

im getting a Valentine's Day three roses instead of a big bunch (im broke =/….)

actually sell roses .. only in a small glass of baby's breath … some may have a tape on the glass .. and must be above $ 4.00

Bridal Bouquet Ideas : How to Make a Single Rose Bouquet

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September 8, 2009

Artificial Black Roses

guys, if your girlfriend did this, would you be insulted, angry or pleasure?

I give my boyfriend a black rose (artificial) and a necklace made black hand accounts of the tape, black heart black heart and a steep slope. He knows that I'm gothic and says he does not care. I want to express my feelings without saying them. Please no immature answers like "give sex or a blowjob" that already anyway. I know he does not use the collar because he's afraid to look gay, but, if you received these things that insulted or not the collar, but with taste and maintain it? x

While I understand that you are a bit gothic, apparently not. if the best response you can expect that he never where and keep it … maybe you should rethink your gift. Again I understand that it is sentimental and from the heart, but his birthday … shouldn't you get something he really wants … instead of something you like?

Mooncat – Black Roses [HD//HQ]

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